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Saturday, July 08, 2006

harumph- argh AND oh sh%&^*^!

Ok here's a picture of me, in all my glory- with large and somewhat dangerous shiny metal implements in hand. I am ready but not able to take on BLOGGER and complain, rant, argue, accuse, violently shake, brutally caress, question, and even cry because of the persistant problems facing me and this here blog you see before you! This is a miracle you are witnessing- me here with you now. What I have been getting when I attempt to sign into Blogger is "No user name found" so every gawd dang time I have to click on their annoying "forget your password" button when I in fact haven't forgotten anything- just kinda wish I could when I find myself suffering symptoms of post tramatic blog!! See, I have the correct user name, every time but do you think it lets me in? Noooooooo- so I ask them and they email me with a way to change the password and then they show mercy and hail to the chief I am allowed coveted access for one brief Camelot moment - then the next time - all hopes are dashed and we're right back where we started and begin the process all over again!!! So please please forgive me if I havent written any comments back to you- it's not that I dont want to but frankly loose the will to live after the 17 steps it takes me to get in this here box! Your patience is greatly appreciated.


  • At 9:30 PM, Blogger Frontier Editor said…

    Taking one of those Jack the Ripper tours again? >8^A

  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger Mark Gamon said…

    Here's my plan.

    If Blogger aren't willing to help, you sign in with a new user name, new password, and new blog title (Improper Comedy?). You then copy and paste all the old posts into the new blog. They'll appear on the same day and you'll lose the comments, but it won't hurt. Then you sign in one more time with the old user name and delete the old blog.

    The only problem could be if it's some setting in your computer that's causing this...

  • At 7:39 PM, Blogger Dan said…

    T, how's the blog? Mischievous gremlins still troubling you?

    Wanting to know about your TV work still if you could do a post.

    Pretty please.

  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger Carmenzta said…

    IT - Sadly, I cannot offer you any help with your blogger problems since I am missing the computer guru chromosome, among others.

    Just passing by to say hello.


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