Cornwall's own improvised comedy company creates spontaneous performances from your suggestions. Unpredictable, unscripted, and always unpolitically correct! WARNING: some performances may not be appropriate for sensitives souls. The company does not assume responsibility for split sides, slapped thighs... or wet pants!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Truro Premiere!!!!!!

This Upcoming Saturday night Improper comes to Truro!!

Why stay home to REFRESH yourself- when you can let us help. Laughter will invigorate you, leaving you feeling calm, happy and alive!

Come and have some good "not always so clean" fun...the Improper way.

May 26th, County Arms, Highertown, Truro.
8 pm showtime- £5
You can purchase tickies and have them right there in your hot little hands from the bar at the County Arms, anytime now.

You can reach them at 01872 273972
They are located right next to Sainsbury's and have a spacious delightful car park.....

Hope to see you there- !!
Doors open at 7:30
Bring a cucumber and get in for 1/2 price.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Springtime Performances!!

Well as you can see my face is an actual BLUR with excitement, verve and Impropriety!
I know I know it's hard to see but as you see (or cant rather) a good time is being had by all.
We have 2 fun- filled action packed Springtime shows coming up -

Saturday April 14th- The Garland Ox- Bodmin- 8 pm £5
Saturday May 5th- The Garland Ox- Bodmin- 8 pm £5

The April show features the triumphant return of Chrissie Muir- she's been off due to illness and is back now stronger than ever!

Hope to see you there!!

The Garland Ox is on Higher Bore street across from the Viraj Indian restaurant and also kitty corner from that bike shop with the motorcycle hanging out from it's outside wall on the top floor (how do they do that?)

Thanks for checking in and see you in April (if you know what's good for you...)
laughter that is........

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Year- New Gag- STILL Improper as hell!

Dear all Improper- ites,

Well as you may have noticed this is the first bloggy blog posty in awhile. Believe me, I wanted to amend, update and "womp up" this here blog. Oh yes, you can bet your sweet bippy I have been chomping at the bit to get down to Improper buisness- but the powers that be thought better of it. They contacted me and despite all of my wild attempts to break free from their prudish up tight power hungry ways...I have only just now been allowed the freedom to once again come to you.

Next show-
Saturday Feb. 3rd, 8pm, a mere £5
The Garland Ox, 65 Higher Bore Street, Bodmin.
This is a nice little room in the back of the somewhat Soprano lookin Bodmin pub. It's the same place that is home to the Bodmin Folk Club, weekly.

Please come if you are able-
We'll be there-
Oh and by the way-
Hairy Nude Deer!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Show Information...

Hellooooo out there!

Thanks for checking in- Improper style!

We have two things on the immediate boil (sounds like a possible hob option!)

Friday September 15th- at 8 pm we will be all dressed up with something to do!
The Tolmen Centre in Constantine will be our next venue. For more info- or simply to harrass them you can call 01326 341353 hey wait a minute- you can also book tickies on that line. They cost a boomin yet quite reasonable £6. Please come, if for no other reason than to give me someone to play off of.

Monday September 18th- 7:30 pm Churchill Rooms Wadebridge- Playdate- yes you to can be Improper with us as we go way back to the basics of Impro. It's quite easy, no pressure and always a damn good laugh!!! So if you've ever wondered what it would be like to try it ..then come along and "have a go" as you english types say.....let's play! While we're at it we all may learn something as well.

There you have it- more work - and lots of play makes Improper a pretty good night out!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Up With Improper People!

Life is as life is- and Improper as hell these days if you must know.

We have 2 local gigs in Bodmin at ye olde Garland Ox - September 2nd and October 7th. Both Saturday nights, and both in lovely, serene, calm- positive vibe- Bodmin. This is an intimate sweet little room used primarily by the fabulous Bodmin Folk Club. We like it and hope you will to!

Anyone out there have any good Improper Summertime stories to share?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Rock Out!!

It's fun to rock out.

I always remember more fondly than I can say, rock hunting with my father. We'd roll our pant legs up -knee level and begin. He's had fossils and other interesting rocks in museums before, and therefore this must've put an interesting spin on this afternoon activity for him. For me, it was spending time with my Dad. I remember the quiet. The peace that would desend upon us as we gazed somewhat dim witted into dried rock beds. I took this photo a week ago in a creek bed in Devon, England. Does anyone know the difference between a creek, a brooke or a stream? I sure don't. But a few years back when I was still telling jokes for my living- I was in Anchorage Alaska- and had gone to Dinali National Park with a pal where we came across a river bed and I took a picture that I can still see in my addled mind's eye. It was of smooth stones. All the way home we argued over the fact that I said I didnt know if I could shoot a Grizzley bear with her gun if it were threatening us......that was a long 7 hour drive back lemme tell ya! 15 Bald Eagles, 8 Moose and a distant Mama Bear and Cub away- we managed to make it back to my hotel, not just a little worse for wear.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summertime Improper stylee

Hi there,

Hey we have some great and Improper shows planned for this summer.
They are as follows-

August 5th (Saturday night) The Garland Ox, Bodmin.
This is the pub with the excellent Folk Club in the back room, which is where we'll be as well. There is a separate bar and a car park in the back. Showtime is 8pm and tickies are £5....for more info catch us here or call the pub at- 01208 75372
(the pub is on Higher Bore street, across from the Motorcycle shop with the bike hanging out of the wall- trust me, if you know Bodmin at all you will know what I mean) there is a decent Indian restaurant across the street as well, called Viraj.

August 24th (Thursday) The Driftwood Spars pub- St Agnes
This is a really nice cozy pub on the beach with good food. Showtimes are 8pm and tickies cost a mere £5. For more info please email here, or call the pub at- 01872 552428

We hope to see your Improperly smiling faces there!!

Until then, all the best-

Saturday, July 08, 2006

harumph- argh AND oh sh%&^*^!

Ok here's a picture of me, in all my glory- with large and somewhat dangerous shiny metal implements in hand. I am ready but not able to take on BLOGGER and complain, rant, argue, accuse, violently shake, brutally caress, question, and even cry because of the persistant problems facing me and this here blog you see before you! This is a miracle you are witnessing- me here with you now. What I have been getting when I attempt to sign into Blogger is "No user name found" so every gawd dang time I have to click on their annoying "forget your password" button when I in fact haven't forgotten anything- just kinda wish I could when I find myself suffering symptoms of post tramatic blog!! See, I have the correct user name, every time but do you think it lets me in? Noooooooo- so I ask them and they email me with a way to change the password and then they show mercy and hail to the chief I am allowed coveted access for one brief Camelot moment - then the next time - all hopes are dashed and we're right back where we started and begin the process all over again!!! So please please forgive me if I havent written any comments back to you- it's not that I dont want to but frankly loose the will to live after the 17 steps it takes me to get in this here box! Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Show tonite Garland Ox Bodmin!!

Well the other day certainly began as per normal, driving from a friends where dippy me had to deliver forgotten birthday gift from the night before- twas a tiny Cornish lane - two way with large hill....I was tootlin along enjoying the moment and even smiling at the small grouselike bird as it scuttled in front of me for what seemed like 17 hours to the city girl in me- when after acknowledging and saying aloha to said birdie- I carried on, only to be sprung upon by 15 large beasts of the bowvine variety! They waddled along for a few minutes as I slowed and began looking for the farmer that MUST be nearby. They finally found a little area to stand in and moved out of my way- all but 2 that is. One black and one white- they were the Ebony and Ivory of the cow world, and just about as exciting I hasten to add! They wandered along in front of my still slower vehicle looking over their shoulders every so often and as I watched them casually with a certain amount of Country comfort, I realised that they were in direct path of a main and very busy road! Panic struck as the reality of the situation sunk in- this could be a very real opportunity for some free beef! I began to dial my Mum-in-law's number thinking that she of anyone, would know what to do- but then it dawned on me that this was an emergency that needed immediate attention- by ME and FAST! So I threw down the phone, stopped my car, put on my flashers and got out. The white cow was already teetering on the road- when I began to SHOO them away, or so I thought anyway. As much as any red blooded gal from San Francisco can really......I shooed and as I shooed I began to quietly hum the theme tune to Bonanza. Where oh where was Candy when I needed him most? Strong and silent and all in black....but I digress. I began to flag down cars and lo and behold a few even stopped, not for a woman on the side of the road- nooooo but for the large and somewhat bewildered beast that staggered before them. They didnt know what to do either and by now my large friends were cowering (hey is that where that word comes from?) on the corner of the forrrestry- still quite close to the road and what would surely be a horrible accident. Worse came to worse and I just decided that it was time for the Annie Oakley in me to come out. I started yelling at them and waving my hands until they loved further and further into the forrestry and I could no longer see them. God knows if the poor farmer ever found his cows......I guess I can chalk it up to-

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Surrey with the Fringe on Top

Hello and a good morning to you!Days like today make me want to (and I usually do) stand out in my garden and sing at the top of my voice (much to the chagrin of the neighbors) "OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING- OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I'VE GOT THIS FEELING INSIDE ME, EVERYTHINGS GOING MY WAY" (ala Oklahoma the goofy musical) Then ofcourse the police type people that you just NEVER see in our area show up and take me away kicking and screaming (nice visual with my Hawaiian print nightie on, bare feet, tossled hair and big toothy grin). What do days like today make you want to do....? P.S. 2 fer 1 tickets to anyone who comes to our Improper show on Saturday July 1st at the Garland Ox- mentioning this here blog and the word...."Oklahoma"!
8:51 AM

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Fate of the Fete!

Hello there and Happy Line- up.

Here you see 4 of the 6 of us Improper types...if you can guess which one I win the prize. Kind of harkens back to the days of Dragnet and that great film about the 7 guys who rob something and then all get caught and there's this wicked twist to it and then....and then, Ok ok I can't remember the name of it now and feel like a real muppet (Bert OR Ernie..not at all picky about this part) Please see below if you are in Cornwall, England as we have an upcoming show on Saturday, July 1st, in Bodmin. Promise no shoot outs or performances in cages....although that COULD be fun and remind me of home. Being a Yank and all. Or I guess we could say Burmingham and that would work just as well. Getting back to the rant at hand- today we went to a Village Fete. Now I say "we" and when I do I mean myself, my rock n roll husband and our little fairy princess, who turns the ripe ole age of 5 next month! She was all dressed up as a Flower Fairy and actually managed to win the first prize in the costume parade!! AKA fancy dress competition for my other English Bill Bryson so kindly puts it, "we are 2 countries divided by a common language". Hey, I've got it- it's The Uusual Suspects"!!!! Yeah, Kevin Pollack is in it (he asked me out on a date once, but that's another post). Anyway, a good time was had by all at the fete- although I must confess to being saddened, irked, crest fallen and even a little depressed by the lack of the one thing that makes the yearly Village Fete fun for little ole me................THE CORNISH WRESTLING!! They didnt have it this year- hey they didnt even have any people telling us why they didnt have it this year! No announcement, no special flier declaring their heart felt apologies, no banner telling us WHY , oh why wasnt it on? Nooo nothing for us Wrestlin groupies that so desperately wanted to see those too stretched shorts covering those Corn- fed bodies of theirs, the bulging biceps and shiny shaved heads, the gleaming calf muscles and taut beer bellied selves still reeking of ripe ales and rollies. I waited at the usual spot- glued to it until my husband wrenched me from my fantasy fueled gaze and instructed me to buy plants. Harumph- how can he even think that some droopy sweet basil could possibly cure my thirst for some good ole male mud- wrestlin!! Ah well, home now I console myself with luke warm coffee and my sweet memories. Hey maybe later tonite I can surf awhile and if the gods are with me- find an old episode of Beverly Hillbillies. The big strapping Elvis looking rope belt wearin, possum eatin, well meaning boy -Ahhh Jethro.....until we meet again.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Playdate news!!

Dear all Improper- types,

Last night was another in our series of Playdates- where "normal" (and I use that word loosley- believe me) people come along to join in. We go way back to basics and learn, play and generally laugh ourselves silly....all under the guise of Improper Impro ofcourse....! It was a good night and we worked on status, endowments (some of us more well endowed than others..) setting up the environment, plus a few of our standard "games" or "handles". The next one will be on July the 10th and all are welcome. You can email me at : if you need more info. And dont forget our next Improper show will be on July 1 at the Garland Ox, Bodmin.
Stay tuned for my rant-

And most of all- thanks for being your Improper selves!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Improper stuff

Hey you fabulous Blogging Babes-

Our next Improper show will be on Saturday night July 1st, at The Garland Ox in beautiful downtown Bodmin. Showtime is 8pm- there's booze and laughs and hell I may even show up!
It'll cost you a big £5 to see us nutballs in action.