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Monday, August 14, 2006

Rock Out!!

It's fun to rock out.

I always remember more fondly than I can say, rock hunting with my father. We'd roll our pant legs up -knee level and begin. He's had fossils and other interesting rocks in museums before, and therefore this must've put an interesting spin on this afternoon activity for him. For me, it was spending time with my Dad. I remember the quiet. The peace that would desend upon us as we gazed somewhat dim witted into dried rock beds. I took this photo a week ago in a creek bed in Devon, England. Does anyone know the difference between a creek, a brooke or a stream? I sure don't. But a few years back when I was still telling jokes for my living- I was in Anchorage Alaska- and had gone to Dinali National Park with a pal where we came across a river bed and I took a picture that I can still see in my addled mind's eye. It was of smooth stones. All the way home we argued over the fact that I said I didnt know if I could shoot a Grizzley bear with her gun if it were threatening us......that was a long 7 hour drive back lemme tell ya! 15 Bald Eagles, 8 Moose and a distant Mama Bear and Cub away- we managed to make it back to my hotel, not just a little worse for wear.


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