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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Springtime Performances!!

Well as you can see my face is an actual BLUR with excitement, verve and Impropriety!
I know I know it's hard to see but as you see (or cant rather) a good time is being had by all.
We have 2 fun- filled action packed Springtime shows coming up -

Saturday April 14th- The Garland Ox- Bodmin- 8 pm £5
Saturday May 5th- The Garland Ox- Bodmin- 8 pm £5

The April show features the triumphant return of Chrissie Muir- she's been off due to illness and is back now stronger than ever!

Hope to see you there!!

The Garland Ox is on Higher Bore street across from the Viraj Indian restaurant and also kitty corner from that bike shop with the motorcycle hanging out from it's outside wall on the top floor (how do they do that?)

Thanks for checking in and see you in April (if you know what's good for you...)
laughter that is........


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